7 Days Android Hacking Traning (AHT)

Annex Digi Info in mobile applications can lead to theft of personal, payment and credentials (including from third-party services). They can also allow attackers to gain access to a mobile device and use it for their own purposes (spam, botnets, etc.). And through corporate mobile applications, it is possible to develop an attack on adjacent infrastructure components.

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Annex Digi Info – Certified Android Hacking

You will gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully identify and resolve security issues in android Applications. The course focuses on unique hacking techniques and hacking techniques in the context of the defensive practices and recommendations set out by real hackers.

About The Course

Perform detailed analysis much faster using a “test” build of the application with the security mechanisms removed. However, if the task is to see how an attacker can cope with bypassing the application’s self-protection and other security mechanisms, it is better to use the regular version distributed in the official stores.

Course Modules

  • About Course
  • What to expect from this Course
  • Introduction to Mobile Applications
  • Application Sandboxing
  • Permission
  • SELinux
  • Android Emulator
  • Android Rooting
  • Setting up a Proxy for Android
  • Installing CA Certificate
  • Insecure Logging
  • Hardcoding Issues – Part 1
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 1
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 2
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 3
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 4
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 1
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 2
  • Access Control Issues – Part 1
  • Access Control Issues – Part 2
  • Access Control Issues – Part 3
  • Hardcoding Issues – Part 2
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 3
  • APK file Structure
  • Android Manifest XML File
  • Decompiling with dex2jar
  • Mobile-Security-Framework
  • Malware Analysis
  • Configured HTTP Interceptor
  • Intercept traffic using Wireshark and tcpdump
  • Fuzzing using Burp – Username and Password Enumeration
  • General Description
  • Automatic Bypass of Certificate Pinning
  • Manual Bypass of Certificate Pinning

All About the Courses

Certified Android Pentesting Expert : $ 7.00 | ₹ 499

  • Weekdays Classes
  • 7 Days
  • Training Mode: Online
  • Practice on Real Time Projects
  • Lifetime Membership