Bug Bounty Training (BBT)

Penetration testing is an assessment of the passive security of information systems, Red Teaming is an assessment of active security. Despite the fact that Red Teaming and penetration testing use similar tools for cyber attacks, the goals and results of both methods are very different. Red Teaming focuses on “depth” of exploration. Pentest is aimed at covering the largest number of attack vectors – one might say, “in breadth”. Is it possible to become a good “Certified Red Team Security Expert” by attending training courses on red teaming from us? Let’s figure it out together.

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Annex Digi Info – Bug Bounty Training

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to interpret the results of the utilities, analyze and perform sequential testing of all methods of web application. In addition, the additional target audience also includes qualified professionals who want to understand the essence of hacking web application and measures to protect against intrusions. The main target audience for this course also includes qualified information technology professionals, including business administrators, who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of web application security and learn about bug bounty.

About The Course

The course provides detailed materials on the operation of web application attacks and bug bounty methodology. Sequences of numerous penetration tests are described and recommendations for strengthening the security of web application and web application server are proposed.

Course Modules

  • About Course
  • What to expect from this Course
  • Introduction to Mobile Applications
  • Application Sandboxing
  • Permission
  • SELinux
  • Android Emulator
  • Android Rooting
  • Setting up a Proxy for Android
  • Installing CA Certificate
  • Insecure Logging
  • Hardcoding Issues – Part 1
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 1
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 2
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 3
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 4
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 1
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 2
  • Access Control Issues – Part 1
  • Access Control Issues – Part 2
  • Access Control Issues – Part 3
  • Hardcoding Issues – Part 2
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 3
  • APK file Structure
  • Android Manifest XML File
  • Decompiling with dex2jar
  • Mobile-Security-Framework
  • Malware Analysis
  • Configured HTTP Interceptor
  • Intercept traffic using Wireshark and tcpdump
  • Fuzzing using Burp – Username and Password Enumeration
  • General Description
  • Automatic Bypass of Certificate Pinning
  • Manual Bypass of Certificate Pinning

All About the Courses

Certified Bug Bounty Expert : $ 108.00 | ₹ 8000

  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • 30 Days
  • Training Mode: Online
  • 100% Placement Support After completing BBT training
  • Practice on Real Time Projects
  • Lifetime Membership
  • 3 Months Internship