Certified Red Teaming | Live OSCP Training (CRT/OSCP)

Penetration testing is an assessment of the passive security of information systems, Red Teaming is an assessment of active security. Despite the fact that Red Teaming and penetration testing use similar tools for cyber attacks, the goals and results of both methods are very different. Red Teaming focuses on “depth” of exploration. Pentest is aimed at covering the largest number of attack vectors – one might say, “in breadth”. Is it possible to become a good “Certified Red Team Security Expert” by attending training courses on red teaming from us? Let’s figure it out together.

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Annex Digi Info – Certified Red Teaming | OSCP live Training (VB-CRT)

OSCP ( Offensive Security Certified Professional ) is a certificate issued by the Offensive Security organization. This certification is interesting primarily because it requires practical skills, which means that we will have a lot of joy and fun, and sometimes pain and sleepless nights (this is how it goes). In any case, such a certificate will be an excellent item on your resume: the exam is organized in such a way that it is very difficult for a figurehead to pass it, that is, it confirms your skills.

Probably, only a person far from the infosec has not heard about the OSCP certificate. They prepare for this exam for a long time, take it for a whole day, and then write write-ups. Those who have not yet passed ask many questions about him – on Twitter, on Reddit, forums, in chats. I also had a lot of questions when I started preparing, and I will try to answer the main ones here.

About The Course

As the name implies, the course is purely practical and collects the basic techniques used in security testing. After registration, classes will start on online platform, and student receive a pdf file with materials. The exploitation of the hosts from the laboratory is generally the most fun part and it is already possible to buy the course only for the sake of it. All sorts of other perks are also provided, such as access to a private forum and the ability to chat with instructors on IRC.

What is the minimum level of knowledge required for training?

It is enough not to be afraid of the console and to know (approximately) how the computer and the network work. That is, knowledge of Linux usage, TCP / IP protocol stack and PC architecture will help a lot. If you can explain what buffer overflow is and have once used non-MSF exploits, then the course will seem quite simple to you. If application security issues are close to you, then the most difficult moments of the training will seem like a pleasant walk to you.

Course Modules

  • About Course
  • What to expect from this Course
  • Introduction to Mobile Applications
  • Application Sandboxing
  • Permission
  • SELinux
  • Android Emulator
  • Android Rooting
  • Setting up a Proxy for Android
  • Installing CA Certificate
  • Insecure Logging
  • Hardcoding Issues – Part 1
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 1
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 2
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 3
  • Insecure Data Storage – Part 4
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 1
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 2
  • Access Control Issues – Part 1
  • Access Control Issues – Part 2
  • Access Control Issues – Part 3
  • Hardcoding Issues – Part 2
  • Input Validation Issues – Part 3
  • APK file Structure
  • Android Manifest XML File
  • Decompiling with dex2jar
  • Mobile-Security-Framework
  • Malware Analysis
  • Configured HTTP Interceptor
  • Intercept traffic using Wireshark and tcpdump
  • Fuzzing using Burp – Username and Password Enumeration
  • General Description
  • Automatic Bypass of Certificate Pinning
  • Manual Bypass of Certificate Pinning

All About the Courses

Certified Red Teaming | OSCP live Training : $ 250.00

  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • 30-40 Days
  • Training Mode: Online
  • 100% Placement Support After completing OSCP training
  • Practice on Real Time Projects
  • Lifetime Membership
  • 3 Months Internship